I'm Joe Biso, the former owner of Cedar Hill Roofing.  I'm here to tell you about my son's business, and how it got started.  My Uncle Tom Biso got me into the roofing business back in the early 1950's.  Not just me of course-my brothers Arnold, Ronnie, Frank and Tommy - we all learned the ropes, and we shared Uncle Tom's pride in doing a good job.  My son Paul joined the team in 1980, working first on days off, holidays and weekends.  He was a good learner, and it wasn't long before he was on the job full time.  When my wife Eileen and I opened up our own business, Cedar Hill Roofing in 1989, Paul was my best worker, and by the time I retired back in 2007, Paul was ready to carry on the tradition.  He knows his craft, and more importantly, he realizes that honesty, integrity, and service are the key to success.  I always told him "You do a good job and you'll receive another eight to ten roofs from it".  He's got the right idea.  Does each roof as if it was his own.  Gives the customer a good price.  If a customer calls with a problem, he's there before the phone hangs up.  I'm proud of Paul, and what he has accomplished.

Joe Biso passed away June 08, 2012



It starts with your call, or perhaps a question at a Home Show booth.  I'll listen to your concerns, and if appropriate, offer a free onsite inspection to better understand what difficulties you might be experiencing with your roof.  That way, I can explain what is happening up there, and recommend a few choices to resolve the situation.  

You might need no more than cleaning leaves out of the track of your eavestrough, something you can handle on your own.  It might be very minor patchwork, such as to the flashing around your chimney.  On the other hand it might be time for a new roof.  Whatever the solution, I'll give you the straight goods, with a simple estimate of costs, some options, and some time to think about how you'd like to proceed.

If you decide you'd like me to tackle your challenge, I'll bring in my team of trained craftsmen to assist me.  I'll ensure the work is done properly, neatly, safely and in accordance with the estimate.  When I'm finished, I'll make sure your property is as clean as when we started.  And, if there is ever a problem after, I'll be right back to find out why, and to put it right.  That's what you can count on, plain and simple.

Paul Biso

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